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While we are working on building our website up, swing by our Facebook and Instagram to follow what's going on or order from us through there.

Are you in the Knoxville area?

Stop by The Southern Market at 5400 Homberg Dr. Knoxville, TN and check out our products in person!

Things to Remember When Ordering from Us

Our products are handcrafted as you order them, they are not mass produced. This is one craftsman making 5+ products a week on top of a full time job. As a small business ourselves, we make sure to support other small businesses and order pieces of your pen from various sources to offer you the best quality for your dollar. These orders come from all across the United States and take time to get into our hands to be created into your product. Sometimes we have what you want on hand and can get your product made and shipped in less than a week, sometimes we have to wait for pieces to be made and get to us and it can take 2-3+ weeks, dependent upon the business we order from and the postal service. We explain all of this to simply say, please be patient with us. We push orders out as quickly as we can and in the order that we receive them in.